ACBK- Association for the Conservation of Biodiversity of Kazakhstan.

Birds of Kazakhtstan- Full-colour book on the birds of Kazakhstan.

Birding Breaks- Birding holidays with destinations worldwide

Birding in Italy - Birdtours in Italy

Birding Holland- Guided birding in Holland

Birding Lauwersmeer- Information site on birdspots near the Lauwersmeer - Holland

Birding on the net - Birding for the 21st century

Bird links to the world - Tripreports & checklists

Birdwatching Bulgaria - Birdtours in Bulgaria

Britsh Bird Lovers - Dedicated to al you bird lovers

Dean Birders - Disabled birders of Dean

Eurobirding- Website about birdtravel

Fatbirding - All resources needed for a birdwatcher

Fugler- Norwegian bird forum

GCCW- Georgian Centre for the Conservation of Wildlife

Greece Birdtours- Birdwatching tours around Athens, Greece

Guided birdwatching - Worldwide guide database

Han Bouwmeester- Award winning photographer from Holland

Iceland Birding- All about birding in Iceland

International Bear Foundation- Protection of bears in Europe and Asia

Jeanne Lauwen- Nature photography from Holland

Kaiyote Tours- Bird and adventure travel

Living with birds- Bird photography from France

KNNV- Organisation in Holland with education and protection as main goals

Surfbirds World Birding- Worldwide birdsite!

SOVON- Bird research Holland

Sandwich Birdtours- Privately owned birdtour company based in the UK

Patrick Palmen- Dutch photographer.

New Zealand Birds- Information site of New Zealand birds

Novinomad- Holidays in Kyrgyzstan

Ventures Birding Tours- Putting the fun back into birding

Cloudbirders- Tripreportings from all over the world

Toine van Steen- Photographical site about the souterh parts of Holland

Swiss Birding- All about birding in Switzerland