Brecht De Meulenaer

Wildlife leader


As a child, Brecht liked to play in the meadows of the village by impersonating Sir David Attenborough, making his way through an Emperor penguin colony on the Antarctic Ice Sheet. After 25 years his interest for nature did not alter. But instead of meadows Brecht now travels to various lands from Greenlandic Ice Sheets to the deserts of Sahara. For years, he had a strong passion for educating people about wildlife and showing them the beauty of the world. Thus, he graduated from the Biology department and worked as a researcher at several institutes and universities (amongst others the Max-Planck Institute for Ornithology). When the birds have migrated south, Brecht enjoys putting on his skis and guiding different trips over the glaciers of Greenland, Iceland or Scandinavia or shows his group how to register the magical northern lights with their cameras. Brecht is fluent in French, Dutch, English and most important in our region, the Russian language.