Dear guests with pride and enthusiasm we present to you the website of Rubythroat Birding Tours. We started out offering birding tours to Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan 7 years ago. In the mean time we haven’t been sitting still and we have developed our company in becoming the leading birdtour operator for Central Asia and Russia. We have been working on many new tours and have expanded our arsenal of tours with more tours taking you further into Asia.


LTD Rubythroat Birding Tours is registered in Kazakhstan as a licensed tour operator.


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What’s new? We at RBT are very happy with the new look of our trusted website. Not only has the site received a new make-over but also many new trips have been added. Next to our trusted destinations in Central Asia and Siberia we have developed more tours bringing you further into Asia.
Stellers Sea Eagle

Stellers Sea Eagle (©H. Hendriks)

New tour destinations include a truly amazing trip to Japan in winter where we go after such mouth watering species as the mighty Steller’s Sea Eagle, we find the largest owl in the world; Blakiston’s Fish Owl, Japanese endemics as Copper and Japanese Green Pheasant are hopefully found and we visit also large congregations of several species of cranes. White-naped, Hooded, Sandhill, Red-crowned and sometimes the very rare Siberian Crane are seen. We end this trip with a pelagic in the hope to see some rare albatrosses! During this tour we also have eye for the unique Japanese culture as for example we also visit a known Japanese onsen where an estimated amount of 200 Japanese Macaques live.




Rubythroat Birding Tours!

Caspian Plover © M. Valkenburg

KAZAKHSTAN Bird paradise of Central Asia!

Kazakhstan is located on the border between the western and eastern subdivisions. For a long time Kazakhstan is known for its large variety of rare Western Palearctic species. Everything is on a vast scale which is not surprising it being the ninth largest country in the world! Great expanses of flat steppe grasslands merge into sandy and stony deserts. Dotted here and there are saline and freshwater lakes which act like magnets to nesting and migrant birds.

Henderson's Ground Jay © M. Valkenburg

Russia & Mongolia From Altai Snowcocks to Henderson’s Ground Jays!

This exciting tour takes us to the one of the most exciting mountain ranges in Central Asia; the Altai Mountains! Siberia is endowed with some of the most fabulous treasures of the natural world, an immense part of Russia which covers no less than 59% of the entire Russian territory and an amazingly 23% of the entire Asian landmass. The Altai Mountains are a mountain range in east Central Asia, where Russia, China, Mongolia and China come together.

Knot © Machiel Valkenburg

THE NETHERLANDS Winter in Holland; a Goose bonanza!

The Netherlands are a tiny country located in western Europe. Holland is maybe a small country but the birding in this hotspot is fantastic and a visit in the winter will guarantee some top birding. Many species of birds use Holland as there wintering grounds, amongst them are large groups of geese. Two million geese are known to winter every year. But why they stay in Holland?


KYRGYZSTAN Flowers of Central Asia!

Kyrgyzstan is located in the central part of Central Asia and represents one of the most interesting mountain areas of our planet, the Central Tien-Shan Mountains, located on the northern flanks of the Himalaya mountain range. Some of its mountains reach over 7000 meters (Pobeda 7439m) at the north-eastern edge of the country and belong to the highest of the world. During this trip we will make a tour around some of its most fantastic nature reserves coming across many dazzling plants and other wildlife.

Steller’s Sea Eagle © H. Hendriks

Japan In search of cranes, eagles and endemics!

Japan is an island nation in East Asia comprising a stratovolcanic archipelago along the Pacific coast of Asia. The country exists out of 6.852 islands, with us visiting the 3 largest islands: Honshu, Kyushu and Hokkaido also sometimes called ‘the home islands’. For every birder a visit to the land of the rising sun is a ‘must do’ once in there lives, and this exploration takes in the very best of what Japan has to offer. Visiting Japan in winter offers so many wonders one of them is probably the greatest avian spectacle on earth; the dancing cranes in Arasaki, every year thousands of White-naped- and Hooded Cranes winter here occasionally joined by Common- and Sandhill Cranes.